Limited time only 890.00 DELIVERED Q1 sale ends March 31, 2016 927.00 List Price enter coupon code Q1BPPROMO no quotes on checkout page for an additional 37.00 off.Trotter 700w OneWheel All Terrain model gives riders a smooth, self-balancing ride that mimics skateboarding, surfing or snowboarding on dry land. Great on city streets or off-road. 11 rubber inflatable go-kart racing treaded tire. M...
I'm finishing up my service in the Army, and I'll be attending Cardozo Law in the fall. My husband, Gio, and I will be moving there in July. we have two cats. We're pretty chill, like video games, going to bars, sightseeing, etc. My focus will be on law school, Gio is going to be working in either PR or fashion. We also have two fat cats, both 4, Karova and Leia. They're super chill and we've t...
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